Web design

Ready to launch a new activity online?
Need to take your business to another level with a responsive website?

I can manage your project from the customer's experience to your day to day duties like booking system, orders and payment interface.

eCommerce ready

More than ever, businesses need a website to sell their products and services online. I use WordPress + Woo commerce, an open source content management system. This reduces the cost of development and allow you to maintain your website if you want.

Fresh looking design

Look and feel are important, so make the best of the first impression. A good design invite visitors to stay and engage within your website.

Tiny Digital

user experience

Visitor will leave your website if he cannot find what he is looking for straight away. Every page and functionality need to take in account the user experience to be as smooth as possible.

remain responsive across devices

Most of your customers now use their smartphones or tablets to browse products and shop online. Don’t miss out on sales because your website is not responsive to a wide range of devices.

Tiny Digital
Tiny Digital

SEarch engine optimisation (SEO)

How do you get visitor and future customers coming to your website? SEO improves the Google rankings of your website’s pages. Once your website appears on the top of Search Results Pages, you can get more traffic.

I work with SEO and digital marketing experts; we can help with better ranking and Google ads.

Expertise in business management

In addition to a web design diploma, I have a degree in Hospitality management and work experience as business manager in retail and tourism. I understand your needs and expectation as a business owner.