Your restaurant review is someone’s nightmare

This is an open letter to all restaurant review writers.

Please think twice about the reasons and consequences before offering your Master Chef feedback to the public. A subjective opinion from a restauranteur point of view.
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Good or bad reasons for writing a restaurant review online

You have find a gem and want to help a business to shine, that’s nice. You may have notice a few things that could be improved and you though “oh, I might share that with everybody who ever Google them”, that’s sort of okay too, I guess.

Your coffee was cold and you didn’t like your meal. Maybe talk to the staff or write an email to the management team, giving them a chance to take actions. You will receive an apology at least, another coffee maybe, hot this time, perhaps a voucher.

“The waitress was rude, arrogant, seemed unhappy” Were you polite and patient when you addressed her/him?

“The food was disgusting” Maybe not to your taste, but there is no need to disrespect the person who cooked for you.

The worst reviews often come from to worst customers. In my experience, rude and aggressive customers will somehow need to do more damage and leave a terrible review about how the level of service was poor. I heard people complaining about not being offered coffees after their meals. They did not realise that the waitress was crying in the kitchen because they were laughing at her without shame earlier. That why she didn’t go back to their table.

Hospitality is hard. Long hours, night shifts, double shifts, working during weekend and public holidays, low wages, working under constant pressure.

Perhaps we should change how we treat hospitality workers in general.

Be kind and mindful when playing with a business reputation

Before running to Tripadvisor, remind yourself that every experience is subjective. When you are writing your review, can you at least consider that:

-the waitress in a real person. when you criticise her from the comfort of your sofa, she will read the review and get hurt. really hurt. she might even remember your words for years.

-the chef works 12 hours every day and it’s 40 degrees in the kitchen. he has cooked 1000 of steak perfectly but yours was medium instead of medium rare. no one is perfect.

-it is unlikely that the restaurant owners are loaded with money and are trying to screw you. No, instead they are probably working everyday without pay hoping that they can cover their bills this month.

Please be kind. The feedback from your experience that lasted maybe an hour will stick forever above their heads.

If you really are a Master Chef then stay at home and cook your own meal.

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